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Introducing our BOTW: Bleached

Formed in the wake of LA punk troubadours Mika Miko, Bleached aren’t your average new band – they’ve been here before, after all.

The sister-sister duo of Jessica and Jennifer Clavin, Bleached are a very good band for their years. After forming in 2010, the band have gone from strength to strength, making a name for themselves on the live circuit (much like Mika Miko before them) as well as releasing a series of ┬ásingles, both 7″ and CD through a variety of labels.

So far so good, right? But what’s the music like?

I’m glad you (I?) asked. Bleached essentially make pop songs with a punk aesthetic – Think of a band like Veronica Falls who make lovely pop songs about death. Bleached are a bit like that, just punkier and slightly less morbid – only slightly, mind.

Watch the video for ‘Searching Through The Past’ below.

- Matt Mansfield

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