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Bobby Tank

Introducing our BOTW: Bobby Tank

On his Facebook page, London producer Bobby Tank describes himself as “a fast-rising electronic music artist”. Nine out of ten times, this is a recipe for disaster – such arrogance in music? Who’d have thought it. However, in this case, it’s a declaration of intent; an intent to tunnel into the eardrums of every single person who listens to his music and stay there.

And Bobby Tank certainly has the tracks to do so.

A self-proclaimed “maximalist”, Tank has been compared to producers like Rustie, which is pretty apt. They both make ridiculously complicated electronic music with more layers than your average onion. But the difference is, Bobby Tank’s music has a huge amount of intensity to it – something that Rustie doesn’t have, at least not to the same extent – and he seems to revel in it; hence the “maximalist” tag.

His new EP, Afterburn, is immersed in multiple layers of nostalgic disco, funk and 80′s pop, but he brings it all together as one, completely modern, entity. And that takes some doing.

Hyperbole aside, Bobby Tank is possibly the most wildly talented “maximalist” producer working today, and his music really is wonderful. Check him out now, he’s surely set to explode very soon.

Listen to EP title track Afterburn below.

- Matt Mansfield

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