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Arthur Buxton: Vogue Covers Covered

Artist Arthur Buxton, a man who previously created pie charts of the 28 most common colours used by Van Gogh, has turned his math-radical attention to the world of fashion. By painstakingly analysing every Vogue cover from 1981 to 2011 for each of its editions (Italian, French, British and American), Buxton has created these anally intricate but ultimately beautiful visualisations. Pretty cool, huh? Apparently you can see changes in palettes when various editors arrived and departed each publication. That’s a bit much for my brain to try and comprehend, but I do know that these pieces represent the beauty of statistics. Even if the numbers are totally impenetrable.

You can find out more about these pieces, and even buy one (if you’ve got a few hundred quid to spare) by clicking right here.

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