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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Apparatjik presents: Lowell ‘Shake Him Off’

We’ve got a bit of a treat for you thisavo: the exclusive premiere of the lovely Lowell’s debut single, Shake Him Off. With haunting lyrics, the Lowell vibe definitely has echoes of LDR (with the added bonus that her vocal sounds great throughout – yes, we went there)’s onging, lustful vocals and vintagey feel, but with the emotion, mood and intonation of Notion’s erstwhile and much-loved coverstar, Lykke Li. Lowell herself is from Canada, and has been collabing in the studio with Grammy award winning producer Martin Terefe, who is also one part of the Apparatjik collective which features Magne F (A-ha), Guy Berryman (Coldplay) and Jonas Bjerre (MEW).

On paper, mixing this lot together with a homespun video of pasted together vintage footage could have been a disaster, but the multi-layered music reflects the experimental nature of Apparatjik and the whole thing leaves a rather fruity, refreshing taste in the mouth, especially when sat alongside notable contemporaries. Performing her first set (um, ever) at Roskilde Festival tomorrow, Lowell is what the industry would call ‘one to watch’. Check the video above and you can also download the single here, if the mood takes you. We’ve had it on repeat all afternoon.

- Seb Law

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