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BOTW Review: AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It EP

What can I possibly say about the mere eleven minutes of You Know You Like It? Well, I believe Aluna Francis sums up my feelings quite succinctly in the title track of this little gem – “you know you like it but it drives you insane”. It’s pretty easy to have an S&M style relationship with AlunaGeorge because, despite the fact that one bar of any of these songs is enough to prompt a semi, there is a problem.

Because AlunaGeorge are so wonderfully pop-tastic, some of my Radio 1 listening friends reckon that songs like the incredible ‘Put Up Your Hands’ are totes quirky and kooky. This is, obviously, infuriating. If you find yourself in a similar position just remember that quirky is a fat euphemism for fantastic and your friends are idiots.

In addition, Aluna’s sugary vocals have caused the duo to be somewhat unfairly lumped in with the post-Grimes lot. This is a reductive view to take in respect to You Know You Like It because this EP is welcomingly situated within a very British canon. The female vocal is misleading – immediately connoting Brandy and other US 90s teenagers – but when you listen a little harder you realise that this EP is a little less polished around the edges. These tracks were born in a petri dish where a nostalgia for UK garage and the last few years of breathtaking electronic music have been fermenting. And it’s created a pretty damn funky little fetus.

This EP is almost too good. I can’t fathom what a future LP would be like – the couple have defined their sound so precisely via these three diamond-studded nuggets that I’m at a loss for where they’ll go next. I’ll be waiting with baited breath for the follow up – hopefully AlunaGeorge will continue to provide catchy-as-hell lyrics over squelchy beats for a long time to come.

-Suzie McCracken

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