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Introducing: OverDoz

OverDoz are a nascent rap group from L.A. the 4-piece create laidback rap jams for a relaxed summer vibe with catchy choruses that have refreshing rhythm to their flow compared to the likes of Drake and Rocky who rarely exhibit bounce in their delivery. It’s a faintly mnemonic summer drenched sound we’ve heard before with easy comparisons to acts including Big Daddy Kane, The Pharcyde, Funkdoobiest, and 3rd Bass.

Visually and with their skits the bands diy image is let down as some overtly blunted skits don’t fit with often serious, compassionate lyrics; because of this clash, doubts to the ensembles authenticity are infused and the idea of parody in the group forms as the schtick becomes asinine; if they can let go or retune this dalliance with comedy the full package will be there and with an up-tempo track one can imagine OverDoz having their own ‘Humpty Dance‘.

Check out more from OverDoz at YouTube/OverDozTV 

- Ben Loom @stronglook

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