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Bosphorus Undergound 5

Club Beat #45: Bosphorus Underground 5th Year Anniversary Compilation

Bosphorus Underground celebrates five successful years with its latest compilation. With a tracklist that reads like a veritable who’s who on the label, this release is a must-have for any minimal and techno fans out there.

Ahmet Sendil and Berkin Marangoz’s independent label, Bosphorus Underground, was founded in Istanbul in 2007 and has received support from big names including Koen Groeneveld. Originally the sub-label of M-Vitamine, it quickly rose to become the main one, generating sister labels, most notably Rabies Records. Bosphorus Underground has special pertinence in the dance music scene, providing an outlet for distinctive minimal and techno tracks. Its releases consistently reach the top spots on the beatport minimal chart and founder, Ahmet Sendil, was ranked third in Beatport’s Best Minimal Artist Award 2008 and recognised again in 2009 as one of the best minimal producers. True to its origins, Bosphorus Underground continues to release quality minimal and techno with some tech house in there for good measure.

The Bosphorus Underground 5th Anniversary Compilation comprises of twenty eight tracks from names you’ll recognise for their previous releases on the label. These artists include Chris Lawyer, The Drunkers, Daniele Petronelli, Min&Mal & Doublewave, Aiho, Glitter and Mark Dekoda. Although all emanating that distinctive Bosphorus Underground sound, there is a good amount of variation of sounds and styles in the tunes within this compilation. Tracks like Ted Dettman’s Monique and Manel Diaz’s Es2 are perfect for dancefloors; you just can’t help but move to them. Matthew Knight’s Deeper is completely hypnotic; whilst Rodrigo Melo’s Pump Up is made to groove to. Planet Notion favourite, Manu Sami, unleashes his energetic and addictive track, Left Behind, which is sure to be a hit. As well as providing us with tunes from all the usual suspects, the compilation has also introduced us to a new favourite, Joy Marquez, whose driving track, Humanity, is simply irresistible. This is a solid compilation from one of our favourite record labels.

So, hands up who was sat refreshing Bosphorus Underground’s beatport page yesterday morning, waiting for the compilation to appear… (just us?!) Well the result more than lived up to our expectations and we’ll no doubt be playing these tracks again and again. Now all that’s left to say is…

Happy fifth birthday Bosphorus Underground. Here’s to five more years of great new music and artists!

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Ann Bartholomew

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