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Joe Brummell #45 – Noir Is the New Black

There’s not much that can be said about Tom Ford that hasn’t already been said. The man is a living fashion icon and there aren’t too many of those around nowadays. His tenure at Gucci defined an entire decade of fashion for men and women, and the label just isn’t the same without him (no offence to Frida Giannini). As much as I enjoyed A Single Man, Ford’s debut film as a director, I couldn’t help but feel that cinema’s gain was fashions loss. Thankfully he returned to the fashion fold with his eponymous label and a fragrance range too. Black Orchid, the debut scent, was a sensuous unisex fragrance, with a marketing campaign so erotic it seemed like the scent might be better described as ‘bisexual’, rather than unisex.

The latest men’s fragrance from Tom Ford is called Noir and I’ve been told it’s his most personal fragrance yet. Noir is unashamedly masculine with a subtle oriental tone. Black pepper (a key note in Marc Jacob’s latest men’s fragrance Bang) and nutmeg provide the punch; while bergamot and patchouli conjure luxury and warmth, mellowing out to leave sensuous notes of vetiver oil. The bottle deserves a special mention too – it screams classic Tom Ford design. With a trademark ‘T’ on the side, chunky oversized lid, masculine lines and smoked black glass, it’s more like architecture than packaging, but then again you’d expect nothing less from Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Noir will be available in October for around £60


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