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BOTW: Post War Years – Glass House EP

London based Notion BOTW Post War Years have just released their Glass House EP on Chess Club Records. The 4-track EP is produced by James Rutledge (MGMT/Grizzly Bear) and features 4 very disparate but cohesive tracks.

Lead track ’Glass House’ begins in a similar area to John Maus in the vers,e then when the chorus hits it’s a The Killers that gives it a new and nostalgic dichotomy. A rich and layered lead single, the textural track features parping electronic brass, and vocal harmonies for a textural track that’s catchy without the chorus becoming overtly powerful. Second track  ’Brazil’ details with underpinning arpeggios that recall the aggression of  the early Bloc Party EP’s and an industrial gothic similarity to Sisters of Mercy and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

‘Galapagos’ is a 2 minute instrumental with a Brazilian inspired 5/4 rhythm; it really sounds like Battles, and functions more as an interlude and line in the sand before the closing track ‘Mirror’ where a slow burning atmospheric vocal harmony builds to a pulsing anthem-lite with BIG Arcade Fire qualities. In its 2nd half you could be forgiven for thinking its Canada’s finest with its knife in your soul emoting, military snare roll and chanted vocals; you might be thinking “damn those lead vocals sound like Win Butler” as the echo and reverb build the hollering vocals towards its climax. This EP is 15 minutes of diverse creativity, with a little borrowed brilliance.

Buy ‘Glass House’ now on iTunes, stream below

-Ben Loom (@stronglook)

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