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100 Days of Beards with Another Garçon

If like us, you’re an avid lover of all things street style, then you would surely have already heard of the perfectly on-trend men’s street style blog Another Garçon. We’ve been following this blog, run by blogger and award-winning Scottish photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce, secretly admiring his photography skills and effortless eye for style for as long as we can remember.

Pryce is always ahead of the fashion game with his stunning street style snaps, so we weren’t surprised when he came up with the innovative 100 Beards, 100 Days blog. This unique project celebrates the beard as a fashion accessory, a go-to statement for gentlemen, and an unforgettable contemporary trend hitting streets around the globe. The project, which kicked off over a month ago, reached its goal on 3rd August and raked in a considerable amount of success. Whether the beard appeals to you or reminds you of all that is unfashionable, you will be feverishly caught up by the frenzy it is stirring once you take a look through Pryce’s blog.

100 Beards, 100 Days is a concept created by Jonathan Daniel Pryce. Visit the blog and discover the project at http://100beards.tumblr.com, or take a tour of Pryce’s street style blog here: http://anothergarcon.blogspot.co.uk.

-Abbie Cohen @Abbiewrites

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