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Introducing: Tragik

Tragik is the latest Tumbr-famouz musician to cause a stir on the internet. I was introduced to her by another of my new favourite artists, Syron – and after doing some research, I’m in agreement with Sy that Lady Trag is pretty s-s-s-sick! Her sound and style straddles punk mentality and grimey US hip hop sounds – not unlike rap superstar of 2011 Tyler The Creator.

One of her tracks that I’m particularly obsessed with is the dreamy glitchy ‘Numb’, to which she’s made a raw, sexy video that includes phallic imagery (big lollipop), a hot tattooed girl in her undies and Lady T herself.

She’s also made some more dancey tracks and  just put out a track with as part of scenegurl supergroup L$D (fellow members including Grimes, Kreayshawn and Blood Diamonds) that’s called ‘Don’t Smoke My Blunt Bitch’. And I recommend her track ‘Mobb1n‘ too.

She also has her own clothing line, so you can buy some cool beanies, flatcaps, hoodies etc. in order to channel the TRAGIK VIBEZ 100%.

I’m pretty sure she’s gunna do really well, so remember you heard it here first. Follow the rising rapper on Twitter and Tumblr.

-Bronya Francis (@Bronya)

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