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Keep calm and stay dry with K-Way

Summer’s in full swing, but if there’s one thing we Britons have grown used to this season, it isn’t the heat; it’s the insufferable rain. The weather’s become so unpredictable here in London, we’re often leaving home in our sunnies and returning drenched. So, what would you do to avoid lugging an umbrella around or zipping into a hoodie in the heat? You’d head out and pick yourself up a fancy, lightweight K-Way parka, most obviously!

We discovered K-Way when it released a smashing line of Olympic styled cagoules, and now we’re falling for the practical parkas which make up its continuous line of waterproofs: bright, 100% sealed and designed for the young and hip, these stylish jackets will not just keep you dry – they’ll actually make you look forward to a rainy day.

Don’t leave the house without packing one of these super handy, super spanking K-Way parkas into your purses. Find out all you need to know about K-Way at www.k-way.co.uk.

-Abbie Cohen @Abbiewrites

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