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BOTW Interview: Get People

We talk to Dom – from our Band Of The Week, Get People – about being in London, production, video art, and cosmic inspirations. Cool guy.

Dan of Bastille said you were mates. He says you have a warehouse space in Dalston, right? Tell us a bit about that…
We’re holed up in a basement/safehouse on the Kingsland road, hiding from the recent sunshine – all in aid of recording Get People’s first LP. Hi Dan…you’re our boy.

With the Olympics and all there are lots of LONDON IS GREAT vibes. What about the city inspires you?
London can sometimes be dreary canyon of doom, which is when we choose to open the door to somewhere else. But right now it’s fucking wicked. Olympico fever. Not so good for the work ethic, though – we’re trying mix our next single before we go away to America at the end of the month.

There are loads of musicians in London. How do you stand out from the crowd?
It’s good to be in a crowd. Togetherness and shared vibes; never mind if everyone is a musician.  What we do is really fun, so we choose to do it. As for our music, we’re just trying to make some pretty out there soundscapes, whether or not they are inside or outside the crowd.

You’ve been in different bands of different genres before – do you tend to evolve your music according to musical trends?
Nope. The whole thing is a journey, really. We’ve each been making music since we were kids – it takes time and you learn. Along the way, you’re going to gain influence from all the music you are hearing.

Would you say music is easier to make now due to the development and easier access to production equipment? As a few years ago that wasn’t necessarily the case.
Would you say that journalism is easier since the advent of the typewriter and then the word processor? Probably. But does that mean anyone with Microsoft Word is a good writer?

With production bits for music it’s certainly got more accessible. And that’s great, ‘cause as much as there will be more bad music, there will also be much more great music too. And for us, that’s exactly why we were able to get into production. When we first started in old projects we had to rely on recording demos in studios, and the technician or engineer would never give a shit. And so we had to learn production ourselves to create and achieve the sounds we wanted.

For us it was always about aiming for that 10,000 hours mark. When you’ve practiced and done something for that amount of time, you’re good. That’s what we’ve always tried to achieve.

How do you adapt your recordings to a live setting?
Caspar and I (Dom) run simultaneous midi-synched Ableton live setups, so we can bring in bass phrases, loop guitars, live vox, and trigger samples. Martin has a series of drum triggers with electronic samples positioned around his drums; vocals, guitars and live percussion (like djembe and gong) sprinkle over that. The way we’ve got this set up lets us bring soundscapes and atmospheres that we’ve produced in the studio into a live environment. Michael’s animations are projected and edited live as we play. We are trying to create this feeling of synethesia, creating a world that we soundtrack.

Weirdest live show experience?
In a basement under a skin head pub with no stage or PA.

Your videos are mental. How involved are you in them as far as concepts and production are concerned?
Michael, who just joined the project, created the animations for ‘Something Better’ and ‘Grove’ – two of many that take us towards forming the album’s visuals. Conceptually we work together to link the content of the songs with the animations.

Any things other than music inspire you?
Nolan’s Batman. Alice in Wonderland. Cosmos – A Journey to the Beginning of Time and Space.  Epic fantasy books, particularly Joe Abercrombie’s First Law Worlds. The New Scientist. Exploring.  Space Opera – particularly works by Iain Banks and Peter Hamilton. The new Spiderman movie was pretty good, too.

What new music are you into at the moment?
Digging that new dude Snoop Lion. Arthur Beatrice. Bondax. Eskmo. Blood Orange. Heard Crystal Fighters’ new demos – their new album is going to be big. Is Tropical’s new EP is sounding wicked. Raresh and a lot of that Romanian stuff is sounding pretty good these days. And you obviously already know about Bastille.

-Bronya Francis

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