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Ben Sherman AW12 Forces Mods to meet Rockers

Established way back in 1963 and adopted by so many different cultural movements in the UK (Skinheads, Mods, New Romantics to name but a few) that the brand has become synonymous with the modern history of British fashion. The most recent collection no exception, Ben Sherman continues to show us, season after season, why they remain amongst the best of British brands.

Available for purchase on their website now, the AW12 line is named Mod, meet Rocker. Traditionally, back in the day, the subcultures were in conflict. Everything from their music and style, to their philosophy clashed – honest, just watch Quadrophenia! With this collection, Ben Sherman manages to bring together the old enemies; it marries the sharply tailored silhouettes of the mods the gritty attitude of the leather biker jackets and boots. The juxtaposition of the Mod/Rocker aesthetic almost looks like a nod of homage to the teddy boy style of the 1950s.


With prices ranging from £15 to £395 there’s something for everyone. Mod, Rocker or Teddy Boy.


- Nicole Morley



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