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Weatherman Sir Michael Fish jumps for climate change

Former weatherman Michael Fish has recently thrown himself from a block of high rise flats in central London. No, it isn’t the criticism for the ‘Great Storm’ of 1987 that has finally pushed him to the brink, it’s something that we all face. it’s climate change. Fish may have been cracking jokes during the stunt, but at 68 years old, reaching speeds of up to 150mph, the act is a brave attempt to highlight the continuing threat of Global warming. Here is what Sir Fish had to say about his jump;

“Despite what most people think, my TV career was not based on my stunning good lucks. I’m a highly qualified meteorologist – and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about climate change. It’s the biggest problem we’ve ever faced and it’s not going away. Raising awareness of climate change is really important, there is no doubt whatsoever that if we carry on the way we are there will be shortages of food, shortages of water, towns and cities will be flooded, there’s all sorts of chaos that could arise, some of it is already happening. We have to do something about it now, not wait until it’s too late. If some of us have to make sacrifices, like risking our lives by jumping off buildings, then so be it.”

The jump was captured on film by clothing brand Rapanui, an eco friendly clothing company from the Isle of Wight. The brand uses organic fabrics, ethical manufacturing and wind powered facilities. Rapanui has won numerous awards including the RSPCA Good Business Awards and The Sustainable Business Awards. Their office is located on Sandow Beach, and it has a skate ramp inside. Apparently, the Rapanui founders still find the time for fishing during their lunch breaks, you know, when they aren’t filming elderly weathermen chucking themselves off the side of high rise buildings.

Click here for further info on the campaign, the jump or to purchase the particularly brilliant Che Fish t-shirt.

- Nicole Morley

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