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Vivi in Stile (iTunes / Google play), the lifestyle app, is an Italian style guide brought to you by Peroni Nastro Azzurro. Discover the best your city has to offer, from award winning restaurants and hidden coffee bars to exclusive events, galleries and openings. Vivi in Stile helps you explore exclusive Italian lifestyle in the UK.

Aperitivo: authentic Italian dining has a new name

Literally translated as eating outside in temperate weather, the term ‘alfresco’ has been as widely adopted as Italian cuisine, but the latest food trend hitting the UK is the unmistakably Italian tradition of aperitivo.

Historically, aperitivo refers to drinks consumed with nibbles to prepare the palate for the evening meal. It has roots in the 18th century but it wasn’t until the mid-20th century that it became a more elaborate affair as Italian style met the swinging sixties. The modern meaning relates to the whole experience of gathering for light drinks and snacks where the evening meal is often completely forgotten.

Vibrant crowds can be found congregating in chic Milanese bars between five and seven, with sessions often continuing to nine and beyond. It’s so popular in Milan (the ‘home of aperitivo’) that competition is stiff between bars to attract the pre-dinner and after-work trade – Italians have an old saying that goes ‘business is discussed at lunch, but deals are closed during aperitivo’.

Dishes can include anything from stuffed sardines, anchovies and peppers to croutons with liver or simply cured meats with bread. Aperitivo drinks would traditionally revolve around spirits, wine or non-alcoholic fruit juice cocktails but now the stylish set and those in the know choose beer as their most food-friendly beverage.

Italian chef, Nicola Batavia, who runs a Michelin-starred restaurant in Turin claims:

“I enjoy serving Peroni Nastro Azzurro with raw fish; it complements the flavours and adds depth to such light dishes. It’s also perfect beer to cleanse the palate before starting the next course”.

“One of my favourite dishes to serve with a pale beer, is Vitello Tonnato”, (a well known Italian dish of cold veal covered with a creamy sauce, flavoured with tuna), which is left to mature for five days before being served.

Creating an ‘aperitivo’ experience

Italian cuisine comes to life in the summer as the staple ingredients reach their seasonal peak. Tomatoes achieve their perfect darkness (particularly British varieties) and aubergines firm up and develop a healthy, shiny surface. Basil, the Italian herb of choice, can grow happily on a windowsill, ready to be plucked and used in the kitchen at a moment’s notice.

The art of aperitivo in the UK is how to use these seasonal ingredients to turn classic Italian recipes into delicious small-plate dishes, and how to serve the aperitivo to best promote the sociability and conviviality of Italian dining.

One man who knows his aperitivo inside out is Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli. For entertaining, he suggests putting all the food on one huge plate that everyone can pick from. Dishes don’t have to be complicated, simple ideas work just as well and reduce preparation, which is great for making the most of time with guests.

Creativity is encouraged when it comes to recipes, but inspiration can be found on ‘Vivi in Stile Peroni’, to which Locatelli is a key contributor.

Launched by purveyors of Italian passion and flair, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, ‘Vivi in Stile Peroni’ is an iPhone application that brings together the most influential taste-makers and style icons in the world of Italian food, fashion and design.

Gathering all of their insights into one easily-accessible guide, ‘Vivi in Stile Peroni’ provides unlimited inspiration to breathe Italian style into your summer.

You can use it to uncover hidden gems in your city including award-winning restaurants, secret shows, design galleries and the most stylish places to be seen. a chance to win VIP experiences for you and your friends.

Click here to explore ‘Vivi in Stile Peroni’: (iTunes / Google play). Available on both iPhone and Android devices.

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