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LFW Blogger Interview: Gurdeep Loyal

To continue the countdown to LFW, here at Planet Notion are interviewing some of the most influential UK fashion bloggers. Today we talk to the lovely Gurdeep from StyleCupid, he has A LOT to say…


What are your big trend predictions for LFW? What are you hoping to see?

Designers have been flirting with the exotic fashions of the East the past few seasons, and I predict at LFW this will finally explode. I’d love to see exaggerated Japanese floral motifs, Indian inspired regal embroidery and the fantasy of Chinese mythology being given a London high fashion edge.

In terms of cuts, following the fluid looseness of this year’s pyjama trend, I think there’ll be a return to a more tailored silhouette – cropped jackets, fitted skirts, crisp shirts and maybe even the return of the skinny jean (for people to show off their new Olympic inspired gym-fit bodies). For colours, if purple has been the colour of autumn, I’m predicting a move towards oceanic aquatic colours for ss13, like turquoise, emerald and cyan – combined with metallic’s in an almost futuristic way.

Finally, I suppose it also goes without saying that the Great Gatsby will be a heavy influence – although I’m already bored of it and the film hasn’t even come out yet! What I’d actually love to see, given the world wide phenomenon that is THAT book(50 Shades), would be for the bondage trend to be taken to new levels of chic for SS13. Not in a kinky way, but in a way that plays on the ideas of submission and domination within fashion – think extreme corsetry, leather strapped belts and killer sky high spindle-pointed heels.


Which collection(s) are you most looking forward to most?

I’m a big advocate of the “more is more” school of thought – so find myself drawn to collections that have a chaotic clashes of colours and unashamed eccentricity. I’m also bizarrely drawn to the letter ‘M’ – so am most excited to see Meadham Kirchoff, Mary Katrantzou and Michael van der Ham. These are designers that almost question the notion of taste in their collections. What they make is thrilling both visually in how it looks but also in how it makes the wearer feel. Also I’m really looking forward to Fyodor Golan – one of the most exciting design duos of the moment. The aesthetic of their gowns is romantically dream-like. They create real drama and tell epic stories through their designs, something I think their needs to be even more of.


Are there any trends you can’t wait to see the back of?

Yes there most certainly is – peplums. Other than at Lanvin I just don’t get it – and even at Lanvin I have questions over Alber Elbaz’s extensive love for them. Also the western/Navajo trend that just doesn’t seem to go away. Especially when it’s done with fringing – it actually makes me cringe. Isabel Murrant has a lot to answer for.


What is your favourite part of Fashion Week in London and in how do you think it differs to other hosts?

The buzz of London fashion week is like nothing else. We’re a city of such unique extremes and ones that the shows in London somehow manage capture. You really do feel like you’ve been on a fashion journey that captures everything London is by the end of LFW – from the stiff upper lipped heritage of our Mayfair members clubs through to the vibrancy of our East end warehouse clubs; and from the grandeur of the Royals through to the edginess of our Dalston kebab shops. I don’t think any other city manages to breathe everything their city represents into the fashion they showcase in quite the same way.


I though Stella McCartney’s Flashmob show in Feb was just phenomenal, do you think this will be the catalyst in the evolution of catwalk shows or do you think the models should keep their feet firmly on the runway?

The evolution of catwalk shows is one of the most exciting things to have happened in the last few years. Whether it’s Stella’s table dancing flash mob, Tom Ford’s intimate salon style soiree or Meadham Kirchoff’s candy coloured ballet of dancing Courtney Loves – I think it’s a shift that’s pushing fashion forwards. Life isn’t a back and forth runway, fashion isn’t static and clothes are not there to just to be stared at on a catwalk. Fashion is there to be lived in, enjoyed and celebrated – and I love it when shows embrace this. Personally, I’d love every show to be a full on all singing all dancing theatrical production – underwater, on the moon or somewhere like Narnia. After all, as Willy Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage!”

T: @stylecupidblog

B: www.stylecupid.com


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