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My Moodboard: Lucy Rose

I love books, I’ll read in every free moment I have. I’ve just finished The Betrayal by Helen Dunmore which was the sequel to one of my favourite books, The Siege.

I only read To Kill A Mockingbird a couple of years ago, I didn’t get the chance at school and it really made me feel something and I wanted to share the book with everyone who hadn’t read it.
The film is also brilliant, every character is just how I imagined.

I’m going to start The Catcher In The Rye tonight.

Also a big fan of National Geographic, (4th year subscribed, proud owner of a NG fleece) and have posters all around my flat. Who doesn’t like a bubbling volcano?!?

Harold and Maude is one of the best films I’ve ever seen in so many ways, I’m not good at describing how or why things make me feel something, but this film certainly did….

I watched Adaptation for the first time on my own the other day and Meryl Streep lost the plot which was great.

Onto music…. Well I love such a variety of music all for different times and moods. I’m quite a phase person, I get obsessed with something and then leave it for a while (recently happened with falafels.)

There are the classics, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, Van Morrison, Scott Walker, Carole King, Joan Armatrading that will never cease to amaze me.
More recently The Maccabees album blew me away and ever time I travel I seem to put it on.

Probably the most inspiring thing for me is going to open mics and seeing people get up in front of a room of strangers and play a song they have written in their bedroom which means something to them. This is music at it’s most vunerable and most exciting and is essentially what it is all about… I’ve spent most of my musical life at open mics, hoping someone would like what I was playing.

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