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Beautify: HAIR-AY!

Hair. It’s always a tricky one. It seems to be one of the few bodily parts which has a temper. One day it’s happy and bouncy, the next it’s sad and flat. It’s also extremely susceptible to the world around it- humidity in the air can change everything. Speaking as a curly haired girl: rain and I have never got along. To (try, at least) combat the problems that arise from a girl’s fragile, character full hair, I’ve rounded up three great products to aid us in our struggles.

The Shampoo and Conditioner:

As we all know by now Australian plants seemed to be stocked in vitamins, essential oils and plant based proteins that can only be harvested in situ. Australian Native Botanicals are acting on this and have created a new range of completely natural (that’s no sulphate, guys) hair care products. Each pot of their shampoo and conditioner is packed full of the finest quality raw ingredients and antioxidants to make sure your hair gets the nourishment it needs. Without any synthetic fragrances or colours they still manage to smell great without damaging your hair.

The Brush:

The importance of a good hairbrush cannot be emphasized enough. You want to look after your hair, not rip it out. Denman have created a grooming range of soft brushes which don’t snag hair and instead calm frizz and create sleek, smooth shapes. The brushed are made of 100% boar bristle which adds shine and condition to the hair. Priced between £5- £18 you are getting a lot for you money. Most professional brushes of this quality begin at double the price of the most expensive of this range.

The Dry Shampoo:

Now, your hair is squeaky clean and full of vitamins. It’s shining in the sunlight thanks to your brush. What happens when you wake up the next morning, your hair is still looking great, it’s just slightly, slightly greasy. Wash it again?

No way. Washing your hair everyday strips your hair of it’s natural oils and vitamins (the ones your trying to get back by using Australian Native Botanicals shampoo) and only adds to damaging fragile hair.

This is where dry shampoo comes in. We all know about it. Batiste started making waves a couple years ago, and since can’t seem to stop growing as more and more women are realising the pros of dry shampoo. The light powder, which is sprayed into the hair, soaks up any unwanted grease and creates a just washed feel. Now their even bigger full range consists of eleven variants of fragrance and colour specific powder (spraying white powder on dark hair didn’t always work out before).

There’s no excuse for you hair to not look amazing now.

Words and photographs: Emma Hoareau

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