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Blogger Interview: Alexandra Brewster

Only 2 more days to wait until LFW boys and girls, today I speak to the drop dead gorgeous Alexandra from Fashion Fades Style Stays. Check out what she has to say…


What are your big trend predictions for LFW? What are you hoping to see?

My trend predictions include nautical, tropical floral and baroque spotted, striped and feathered prints, lots of gold in jewellery and in basic general colour. I’m hoping to see a wide variety of colours including the big trend of last Spring/Summer 2012, the pastel shades but rather than dressing a full outfit in pastels I’d like to see a few brighter more bold shades coming through too, splashes of a mixture from the rainbow would be stunning. I’m a sucker for the nautical theme, give me a striped print any time of the year. I’d say it’s about time that Nautical made it’s come back for S/S 2013, plus it would flow quite well into the new season following A/W massive millitary trend with golden buttons and a very tailored style, so chic and stylish.


Which collection(s) are you most looking forward to most?

To be honest there’s not a show I’m not excited by, London Fashion Week has a certain buzz you can’t get anywhere else. I’m attending quite a mixture of designers starting with Fearne Cotton’s Very range show which should be fun and lively, then upping my LFW game. I’m excited to see what some of my favourites have in store for S/S 2013 such as; Jasper Garvida for the overall cut and detail of the designs, Bernard Chandran, Yifang Wan and I’m especially looking forward to the haute couture show of Turk Jadallah to see the unique embellished detailing and luxurious fabrics.


Are there any trends you can’t wait to see the back of?

I think it’s good to try and embrace many different trends, it’s all about finding the style that suits your personal style and body shape the most from that particular trend. For example; the flared jean was a big trend for S/S 2012 and that is really somthing that doesn’t really work for my figure but would work so well on others.

However there’s two things I can’t wait to see the back of and that’s plimsoles, whether worn on men or women I just don’t get it, they aren’t pretty, sexy or stylish. What is it about the shoes we used to wear for gym class at school that have become so popular in a range of coloured varieties? I’d never have thought I’d see my old school plimsoles become a fashion trend.


What is your favourite part of Fashion Week in London and in how do you think it differs to other hosts?

As proven already with the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics, we British know how to put on a good show and party well – with dignity! The atmosphere and the stunning architechture of London itself adds real ambience to the shows. I also highly respect how much organising goes into these shows and how much pressure the organisers must be under, yet they never appear anything less than cool, calm, collected and fabulous! Most importantly London showcases a total different range of designers to other hosts and pushes on new and upcoming designers from home turf. The designers showcase a more eclectic and creative range of designs to other hosts, this differs immensely from Paris Fashion Week’s more classical haute couture style.

I love the whole buzz of London Fashion Week and how everyone totters over the cobbles at Somerset House from one show to another, not one person hasn’t been checked out by another, everyone wants to see what you’re wearing and talk to you about who you are and what shows you’re attending, it’s got a real friendly vibe generally. It’s a great place for people watching!


I thought Stella McCartney’s Flashmob show in Feb was just phenomenal, do you think this will be the catalyst in the evolution of catwalk shows or do you think the models should keep their feet firmly on the runway?

I think it’s important for fashion shows to be kept fresh and exciting with different quirky show plans, venues and unique invitation styles. As much as I appreciated Stella McCartney’s flashmob show, I think the flashmob style would lose it’s characteristic of being something unique and exciting and would just become the norm. The flashmob style is something of a trend itself and will soon wear itself out if we use it for all shows in the future.



T: @FashionFSSalexa

B:  www.fashionfadesstylestays.com


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