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Blogger Interview: Stu Bradley

Right it’s here, LFW starts tomorrow! It’s basically Christmas eve here at Planet Notion, except with a lot less necking mince pies in your dressing gown and a lot more frenzied screams of  ‘But what the fresh hell am I going to wear?!’ Today I chatted with fellow northerner Stu Bradley, of Not So Lonely Londoners blogging fame. Read on to find out Stu’s likes and dislikes on LFW…


What are your big trend predictions for LFW? What are you hoping to see?

I’m hoping things are going to go a bit more understated. With the whole seapunk, tie-dye, rave-ival thing that’s been in Vogue lately everyone’s been looking very colourful and I’ve felt like a bit of a wallflower by comparison, as I usually wear stuff like Oxford shirts and dark macs. In terms of predictions, for some reason I’m thinking there’s going to be a heavy animal influence – feathers, prints, fur, all that stuff.


Which collection(s) are you most looking forward to most?

All about Katrantzou and Pilotto, I love everything they do. It’s so fresh and unpretentious. Also excited for Burberry, but maybe that’s just ’cause I fell in love with Emma Watson when she worked with them…Vivienne Westwood always comes out with some cool stuff too. And I’ll be interested to see what Nicole Farhi is up to – I used to work in a shop that sold a lot of Farhi menswear, and I always liked it.


Are there any trends you can’t wait to see the back of?

I would say sport luxe, but that’s already pretty much on the way out, right? I’m seriously bored of everything having spikes on now. I’m actually in the middle of writing something about the misappropriation of punk aesthetics. It’s pretty deep, man. Oh, and upside down crucifixes. Ok, we get it, you’re dark and misunderstood.


What is your favourite part of Fashion Week in London and in how do you think it differs to other hosts?

I get the impression (though I may be wrong) that London is very in tune with the role that bloggers are coming to play in fashion – bloggers and newcomers seem to get more opportunity to play here, while the frows elsewhere seem to be made up of magazine editors, celebrities and assorted Kardashians.


I thought Stella McCartney’s Flashmob show in Feb was just phenomenal, do you think this will be the catalyst in the evolution of catwalk shows or do you think the models should keep their feet firmly on the runway?

God, I hope they don’t just stick to the runway. Most high fashion catwalk shows are so undemocratic. True, I complain a lot about newer bloggers (says Mr I’ve been fashion blogging for 8 months) coming to the industry with mis-aligned expectations, but unless people are given a chance to comment on things like new collections and launches the diamonds in there will never get a chance to shine. Breaking out of those little invite only rooms with a DJ playing music that was cool three years ago is, in my eyes, essential.


T: @Stu_Bradley

B: www.notsolonelylondoners.com


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