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Beautify: Feet Treat

It’s only day one of fashion week and you’re probably already wondering why you thought you would be able to stand/run/dash/sit/walk/skip (delete as appropriate) for a whole five days, even more so if you’re wearing heels. I’m not here to tell you about some magical gel-filled cushion you put in your shoe – we all know it does nothing- but instead how you can tell your feet you do, actually, love them and all this will be over soon.



The first product is LCN Fresh Up Spray which is miraculously simple in its approach to the ‘tired feet’ syndrome we get everyday, and the ‘are my feet still attached to my body’ we get at fashion week. It does what it says- it freshens up. With a light citrus fragrance adding to the fresh feeling, it’s perfect for a quick spritz to get rid of any unfashionable heat or swelling in the foot department.


The next product needs a bit more time and isn’t necessarily the carry-in-your-bag kind. B-Line have introduced Feet Treat foot cream which makes for one hell of a foot massage. Filled with plant extracts and essential oils, it soothes, softens and heals your feet and ready’s them for tomorrows ordeal.


Anyway- I gotta dash!

- Emma Hoareau

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