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London Fashion Week SS13 – The ‘W’ Factor

All eyes on London continue post-Olympics and Paralympics with London Fashion Week with the return of The ‘W’ factor! Highlighting the wearable and not so wearable this season. You may or may not agree from the pictures, do message me, let me know your fashion thoughts…

Our cup is truly overflowing and I’m thrilled to share with you some of the shows I was fortunate to see this season. This city is a zeitgeist when it comes to the innovative and the rebellious side of fashion.  And there are times when even the high street stores cannot pare down the designs for the masses…

Ekaterina Kukhareva (header image)
This show was full of chic sophistication, think 70’s St. Tropez, think clothes that skim (not cling to) your body. I loved this collection and yes there was something for everyone. Mid-riffs for those who can ‘work’ it and stunning pastel print maxi dresses, separates, all teamed with matching shoes, headbands and gold jewellery. This collection was full of style and screamed ‘summertime and the living is easy…’.  Her clothes are wearable and far from the outrageous, yet Nicky Minaj wore her designs a few months ago at the BET Awards nominations! Maybe testament to the fact that classy trumps crazy every time.
Wearability: 7 out of 10

Pam Hogg
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Pam Hogg is the truth and is all that is great about British fashion. She is pure, raw talent, and not a brand made up of fame and wealth (à la Victoria Beckham). *Get ready for a namedrop*…. as the legend Holly Johnson of Frankie goes to Hollywood said to me at the show, “Pam dances to her own tune.” She sure does. She is the ultimate rebel and what you see is what you get. This was an astonishingly exciting collection and wearable if you have confidence and zero body inhibitions. And for those of you who’d say you have to have youth on side to rock these designs. I hear you, but I’d also say Pam Hogg rocks her designs and blows the 20 year olds out the water. It’s about attitude and confidence – and a toned, proportioned body wouldn’t go a miss. Yes, not for the masses but definitely for the rebel in you.
Wearability: 4 out of 10

Bernard Chandran
This show was a fashionista’s heaven. The abstract print glamour of the designs would stop traffic and garner lots of attention (as would all the designers mentioned). You’d wear this collection and everyone would know you were into fashion.  Once again, no body hugging fabrics or cleavage busting designs here, just fabrics that draped and shaped the models’ bodies with subtlety.  All the clothes looked so easy to wear and the palettes were stunning. A collection for the woman who looks further than the high street for her fashion fix and always wants to be asked ‘Who are you wearing?’
Wearability: 6 out of 10

Jean-Pierre Braganza
This was the collection that if I could afford to buy all of it – I would! Then stare at my wardrobe with pride for hours – if only. The collection was the future yet so now, the bold fluorescent blues and oranges on the black and white palettes were stunning! And once again nothing clung onto the body it all just ebbed and flowed. I can see Zara et al’s in-house designers and seamstresses getting to work on their versions of this collection as I write! My fave collection of London Fashion Week – Jean-Pierre Braganza understands stylish women of the world and it’s a better place for it.
Wearability: 7 out of 10

To sum up, Pam Hogg was my favourite show of the season for its electric raw energy and for bringing authentic rebellion to LFW. Also, the music legend filled f-row was a sight to see. Jean-Pierre Braganza clothes were my favourite of the season. On the style stakes he wins hands down. So many designers performed magic through their clothes. It was a pleasure to experience.

Please don’t see the wearability scores as negative in any way. They are just my fashion eye trying to gauge for the woman on the street. Which, in many ways, is a hard task – we are all so unique. The high street interpretation will be interesting to see, so will the follow through as to what will be the most worn looks on the streets. You got to love fashion it’s such an effective communicator.

That’s if for now: London Fashion Week is over for another season.  I’m off to Milan to see what SS13 delights they’ll bring. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, stay happy, stay karma

Camille AdomakohKarma-Style


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