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Interview: Thugfucker

Thugfucker. Sounds like a horrendous ‘guest rapper’ that would pop-up on some Memphis inspired hip-hop track that has a million hits on YouTube, but actually, it’s just Holmar and Greg making some on-point electro. But, real life thugs be warned… these boys will make you take them for a gazillion-course meal before putting out for you.

You played London this weekend – how was it for you?
We’ve played London many times before, at Fabric (which is always great fun!) and at different warehouse type parties like the You Are We party we played with our friends from Wildkats… We’re starting to realise that either it’s hard to have a bad time in London or we’re just getting booked to play all the right parties. Either way it’s kind of a win win situation for us. Thanks London!’

What makes you most excited about in the city?
Tea and pizza.

LOL. Where are you guys from?! …And how did you end up making music together?
Holmar’s from Iceland and Greg’s from NYC, though we’re both modern day gypsies. Who like to celebrate all the wonderful things that can happen in a dark room with big sound, good lighting and the right combination of good music and good people. Which is pretty much how we met. Let’s just say it was a party that Holmar was throwing above an abandoned brothel in New York and leave it at that. It was pleasantly messy.

Why Thugfucker? Is that something to do with the brothel!? What’s the meaning behind it?
It’s tongue in cheek, in case there’s some people who still hadn’t figured that out yet. But it’s also a way of ensuring that we don’t take ourselves too seriously or let our egos get too big. Cause at the end of the day, we’re still in a group called Thugfucker. So let’s just focus on trying to make good music, good parties and helping as many people have a good time alongside us as possible.

If a real life thug wanted to fuck you, what dinner would you make him buy you dinner at first?
A 575 million course meal that would last so long that by the time dinner was over we’d be dead so we wouldn’t have to get fucked by him (or her).

The Tale Of Us remix of Disco Gnome is ridiculously amazing, people still love it even though it first came out over a year ago – how did you meet the Italian duo?
We met Tale of Us through our good friend Manfredi Romano (aka DJ Tennis) who is also our partner in Life and Death… Convenient, no?

Any fun tales about them?
One time when we were hanging out in Paris Karm turned into a lizard and Matteo started doing a tap dance routine and singing showtunes. Or was that a dream I had once? Shit, can’t remember.

What were you doing before you were making music?
Developing in our parents wombs.

What’s your guaranteed dance-floor thriller track?
Changes from day to day but right now we’ve found this killer remix of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. As well as an amazing track from a friend in Iceland that we hope to be bringing out soon…

What do you produce on?
Normally we do it sober or just jacked up on coffee but sometimes we lick Amazonian toads to get in the right head space.

Who are your influences?
Our friends, parents and about a billion talented artists who came before us (and some who have come after us). It’s hard to pick just a few even. We’ve always been big fans of DJ Harvey though stylistically we’re different we strive to be just as eclectic.

If you had to sum up your ethos as a partnership, how would you do it?
Friendship and good vibes and a dedication to doing the right thing and throwing a good party before all else. Our motto is ‘comfort before tradition’.

What’s your ambition for Thugfucker?
Helping to spread positivity and light in the world. Paving the way for a transformation of all sentient beings on this plane of existence to a higher dimensional vibration. And setting the stage for the aliens to come and join us here on Earth for one gigantic party.

Interview – Kara Simsek

Thugfucker and DJ Tennis played at Krush, 29th September at a secret warehouse location.

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