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EP Review: Peace – Delicious

Just like the juicy slices of neon watermelon atop some trippy murky-coloured water marble depicted on the cover of Peace’s debut EP, the four tracks contained within are individual segments of tasty psychedelia.

The Birmingham foursome have come true on the mass excitement that greeted  their initial online demos and early live outings by signing to a major and producing a heady mix of acid house influence and melodic tropical indie guitar work. Said guitar sounds are heavily indebted to Foals’ afro-pop leanings on Total Life Forever, but Peace’s efforts match up to those of their predecessors with assured ease. Nowhere is this confident exotic air more evident than on ‘Bloodshake’ and the slightly revised, sonically expanded, and brightly polished reworking of ‘BBlood’. But the essential dreamy qualities that lit the first torches of hype remain intact.

The guitar goodness continues through ‘Ocean’s Eye’, a slight track that clocks in at just over two and a half minutes, but it’s a solid opener comprised of darkened, tamed energies that the band slowly unfurl as the EP progresses. Yet whilst closer ‘1998 (Delicious)’ seems like the talking point of this record and Peace’s most outgoing track yet – what with it being a ten minute prog dalliance that sees the band take on Binary Finary’s self titled trance number – the real curveball here is the tender, sun-faded ballad ‘California Daze’.

But in brief, Delicious is rich, honest, and it’s sincerely romantic.

-Kate Allen

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