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Junkfood That’s Good For Your Body

We’re always on the lookout for a good T-shirt at Notion. We’ve all got different requirements for what we want though, and given the amount of printed t-shirts that there are out on the internet (clue: *quite* a lot) it’ important to sort the wheat from the chaff as often as possible. We recently found ourselves on US-based site Junkfood.com and unearthed a few gems that we reckon are worth yo taking a look at. Given the preponderance of ’90s references around at the mo, a massive MTV logo feels pretty en ce moment, as does this one proclaiming ‘RAD’ in big sparkly letters. There’s also this great ’90s Beach party number which we think has distinct tones of acid house about it. There’s tonnes of others too – bands, US sports teams and pop culture refs galore. It’s a great site if you’re after something specific, or just a browse for something that’s a bit special. Or just permanently on the lookout, like us…


Available on www.truffleshuffle.com and at Harrod’s


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