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Milan Fashion Week SS13 – The ‘W’ Factor

After London Fashion Week, my fashion season continued in Milan. Six jam packed days of shows, events and interviews. As well as the giants of Italian fashion, I was privileged to see many other talented designer’s shows and have the opportunity to analyse the wearability of their designs. The days are always long but this never feels like work to me.  So, in no particular order, we have AIGNER, UMA Wang, Dolce & Gabbana, C’N’C Costume National and Giuseppe Zanotti in the Milan Fashion Week (MFW) version of…. The ‘W’ Factor!!!

AIGNER SS13 (header image)
I really didn’t know what to expect from this show even though AIGNER are an established brand of nearly 50 years, as I had very little knowledge of them until I attended the show. The models, the hair and make up were some of the best of MFW. And as for the designs, well, they blew me away! Looks from day to night shone on the catwalk! And the accessories took us to a unique fashion place. The apparent aim across all fashion weeks has been wearability – and AIGNER totally achieved that. A corporate lady would buy pieces from this collection as would the ultimate fashionista, and all easily transferable to the high street. This was a wonderful collection and brand that I am delighted to discover.
Wearability: 7 out of 10

UMA Wang SS13
UMA Wang is another designer who I wasn’t aware of prior to this season. Her show was set in the magnificent baroque venue – Rotonda della Besana. The models were super-sexy even though they were totally covered up. These designs had a stylish gothic feel to them and the models glided down the catwalk. I loved the nuances in the designs; the pieces were maybe not as wearable for some, as there was a lot of black and cloaking for Spring Summer, nevertheless a fantastic collection. This was a refreshing alternative to bringing ‘sexy back’!
Wearability: 6 out of 10

Dolce & Gabbana SS13
Sicilian culture was again the theme. Top models stormed the catwalk in bold stripes, prints, and unusual fabrics such as raffia. During the show, the styles seemed more wearable than past seasons, yet just as adventurous, and were a lovely fit to the body. A lot more wearable I thought, until I was shown the finer details of some of the prints on various tablets after the show. That’s when the ‘W’ factor notably decreased; I asked myself objectively (as I always do) who would actually wear these pieces with ‘blackamoor’ imagery on them? Time will tell which celebrities or high-end fashionistas will be comfortable wearing them – will be interesting to see. I know the British high street won’t translate the said looks as for the rest of Europe – who knows. The remainder of the collection can easily translate and influence the high street as their designs always do.  The majority of Dolce & Gabbana’s SS13 collection was beautiful! With the exception of the aforementioned pieces that let this collection down on many levels.
Wearability: 3 out of 10

C’N’C Costume National SS13
This was the first show I attended and my fave of MFW! A collection so chic yet so comfortable – I wanted it all. The collection had a beautiful mix of leather and silks with matching underwear that also looked really comfortable. I took a closer look when I was backstage, especially at the boys for research purposes only. It was a bit of a struggle but I did it for you dear readers. Once again, looser forms that were still sexy without being in your face. Leather is a key look for Spring Summer 2013 in white, black whatever colour really. Numerous designers showcased it this season.  These looks may be too simple for some, but I think they would work for many and the high street will happily translate this collection.
Wearability: 8 out of 10

Giuseppe Zanotti Design SS13
You will chant ‘I die’ Rachel Zoe style when you see this collection of footwear. This was an exclusive event. The man himself was present taking Carine Roitfield through his ‘African Queen’ collection. The shoes were jaw-droppingly beautiful; there was something for everyone’s taste – from flats to sky-high heels. I fell silent as I walked around the presentation room letting out the odd gasp and imagined myself as an African Queen in serene shoe splendour! When you see them you’ll understand.  Also, Giuseppe Zanotti is a really lovely, friendly guy. The people at that level always seem to be, it’s the entourages who are often a bit odd. Unfortunately, no one was allowed to take pictures and I couldn’t get hold of any at the time of publishing as all SS13 images will be released at month-end. It is evident Her Royal Highness will not be rushed.
Wearability: 9 out of 10

This season was intriguing. I worked hard, played hard and took it all in. I learnt a lot. Milan Fashion Week SS13 was a season of discovery, new beginnings, and a just a little controversy. I can’t wait till next season.
Until then, stay happy, stay karma

Camille AdomakohKarma-Style

PS Next week on Fave Fives: An interview with Milan based artist Kris Ruhs

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