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Introducing Our BOTW: The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood first appeared on the Notion radar with their massive, anthemic, hugely singalongable single that is ‘Sweater Weather‘. With lyrics like, “Use the sleeves of my sweater / Let’s have an adventure,” the aptly-named song soon became the headliner to our slightly chilly 2012 summer soundtrack. When we decided to listen to more than just ‘Sweater Weather’ on repeat a million times, we got addicted to their I’m Sorry… EP that’s brooding, shaded perfectly with light and dark moods. Live, they recreate their immaculately written songs almost perfectly, inducing the audience into deep, swaying motions, whilst one-by-one each spectator starts singing along – it’s quite an experience. Their black and white videos mirror their music perfectly, and visually the boys look like they’ve stepped out of the early ’00s emo scene – something which may not come as quite a surprise when you find that the members have backgrounds in punk bands and hip hop.

This week, we’ll be bringing you a track and video from the band, a review of their EP, and a rare UK interview with Jesse (vox) and Brian (drums). Keep yer eyes peeled.

-Bronya Francis

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