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Beautify: French Pharmacies

On a recent trip to Paris, I realised just why I loved the city so much. It wasn’t the beautiful buildings, the chicly dressed people, nor the perfectly lit walk in the Tuileries I took on a daily basis. It was the pharmacies. This may strike you as strange, but believe me- once you step in and are surrounded by all the products you’ve only heard of because you can only get them in France, it’s very easy to understand why. Yes that’s right- it suddenly makes sense why all Parisian girls have the most perfectly moisturised, matte and firm skin and hardly have to wear any make up.

My favourites picks? It has to be the most talked about brands (which is probably why I want them so much) Embryolisee and Bioderma.

The later is most famously known for being a backstage saviour and model favourite: Crealine H2O. One of the greatest things about this product is that you can use it for about anything, from taking your make up off to toning your face. It is the all round face cleanser. It doesn’t contain the harshness that most face products do as it contains no soap, has a neutral pH and actually helps moisturize your face. Instead of putting chemicals on your face it simply emulsifies dirt. Amazing? Of course.

Second in the Bioderma family, (although, I find it seriously hard to not buy every product) is Crealine dermatological water spray. Again, made for sensitive skin, it is the answer to refreshing your face or adding a bit of moisture- even over your make up. Acting as a brumisateur spray, it quite literally adds water- and therefore moisture- to your face, without having to drench you in oil. The best thing (if I had to choose just one) about these products is that they are all water based, not oil based and so don’t overly moisturize your face- which can cause breakouts. They oh-so-simply bring your skin back to its natural balance.

However, if you’re still wanting to give your face a good old hit of cream then go no further than the miraculous Embryolisee Lait-Crème Concentré, read: the most hailed of all products, ever. All for under £20. That’s right, no £300 pot of cream that no one can afford so no one actually knows if it works. This cream is, excuse my French, the shit. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins this cream makes you feel like you are feeding your face with all the things it needs. Containing all the nutrients and water needed for your skins balance, it reconstitutes its hydrolipidic film – the barrier that protects the skin from aggression – and accelerates cell renewal. Basically, you have the most plump, soft and elastic skin you have ever had. Oh and if your ever out of cleanser, you can use it to take your make up off too- as well as caking it on to double as a face mask.

C’est formidable!

All the best places to buy these products online are linked to the names of the products- get clicking!

Words and photography: Emma Hoareau

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