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BOTW Download: The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery

Yesterday we showed you the awesome video to ‘Female Robbery’ by our Band Of The Week, The Neighbourhood. Now, we have a free download of that exact track.

‘Female Robbery’ commences with, and is dotted throughout with, samples of muted cries. It retains The Neighbourhood’s revival of the five-piece band set up, a move that we hope other musicians follow – the rich texture of guitars, bass and drums is something that you just can’t replicate with synthesized sounds. Lyrically, the narrator talks of an esoteric, tenebrous story that straddles the realms of both television and reality; “The TV show I saw as I fell asleep / Had me on both my knees / Praying to whatever is in heaven / Please send me a felon / And don’t let the police know / Anything…”

Enough with my struggling analysis of the track! Just download it below, okay? ‘Cause it’s awesome.

-Bronya Francis

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