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Introducing: Pyyramids

Definitely one of modern music’s best odd couples, Pyyramids – comprised of OK Go bassist Tim Nordwind and former He Say She Say girl Drea Smith – craft tumultuous, expansive electro-pop that explodes into huge walls of sounds, taking frequently unexpected u-turns en route. Suffice to say, their music is pretty far removed from the danceable indie pop which has had Nordwind dancing on treadmills and taking road trips through rows of carefully-placed instruments in recent years.

Following on from their recently released Human Beings EP, new track ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ is an epic, darkly-veiled pop song that sets sail for stormy waters as it takes in pounding drums, erratic synth sounds and choruses charted by Smith’s elegant yet forceful vocals. The only respite coming from quiet interludes where Smith croons over downstrummed guitars; these are short-lived though and we’re quickly plummeted back into the musical tropical storm that Pyyramids create with such aplomb. You can check out ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ below, via Soundcloud.

- Alex Cull


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