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Interview: Hattie Stewart

All next week, Kopparberg are hosting a series of workshops, talks and events with mind-boggling creative talent including Margot Bowman, Hattie Stewart, Pothole Gardener, Pure Evil, and more, to celebrate the DIY culture and get you all a bit creative! All the London events are taking place in Shoreditch starting on Saturday, 20th of October. We chatted to illustrator Hattie Stewart, (who has done work for Urban Outfitters, Luella, Interview Magazine – just to name a few) ahead of her ‘Doodle-bomb’ session to get a little more acquainted with what she does and how she does it.

Planet Notion: How do you think you, and artists generally, get their signature style?
Hattie Stewart: Its a natural process developed over the years through personal likes, dislikes, experimentation and lots of mindless doodling. If anyone ever tries to control or force it they’ll fail, it has to be organic.

PN: You seem very comfortable with bright colours – what is your favourite colour palette? Or does it change constantly?
HS: Red is my favourite colour but it varies. Right now I guess I’m going through a patriotic stage so good old Red, White and Blue but I always get excited by a little fluoro. It really just depends on the piece I’m working on.

PN: What would you say is the best aspect of illustration?
HS: The freedom to draw what ever you want and create your own world and characters is great fun, there is no limitation. You can make people see and feel things you can’t always do with photography, its a lot more metaphorical and subtle but can pack a similar punch.

PN: What is your favourite form of media to work with?
HS: Pen + Paper = Happy Hattie

PN: How did you get involved with ün-establishment? What was your first reaction?
HS: It sounded like fun as loads of people I admired were getting involved, I love how varied it all is! Its nice to be a part of something like this.

PN: Can you explain what ‘Doodlebombing’ is?
HS: It’s basically a term I coined to fancifully explain the simple act of doodling over something!

PN: What’s the plan for your workshop at ün-establishment?
HS: I’m going to be doing a doodle bomb workshop which will be quite jolly, I can’t wait to see what other people come up with! Lots of pictures, lots of pens, lots of doodling.

PN: Do you know any of the other creative individuals involved with the ün-establishment project?
HS: I know of a few but not directly. At the moment I am more aware of their work then their person, I’m looking forward to changing that and pestering them all as much as possible! One mustn’t waste an opportunity.

PN: Would you like to work with any of the other artists that are involved with ün-establishment?
HS: I would love to work with Camille Walala, those colours and patterns drive my mind wild!

PN: What advice would you give to any starting up/learning artists and illustrators?
HS: Don’t get mad get drawing. Don’t lose heart or get yourself down if things don’t happen right away, you draw because you love it and eventually others will too.

Interview – Nina Hoogstraate

Full details on Kopparberg’s Facebook and Twitter here: facebook.com/KopparbergUK / twitter.com/KopparbergUK

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