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BEAUTIFY: 3 Winter Saviours

When it comes to beauty, simplicity rules. Especially in winter when skin can be dryer, and conditions outside are harsher on your skin. I know it’s supposedly still autumn, but come on- we all know this dip in the weather at the moment isn’t going to reverse itself for a long time- and that’s why we need to take action now.

Loose powder is first on the list. Clarins’ new Skin Illusion Mineral and Plant Extracts Loose Powder Foundation is just the ticket. Combining the coverage of a foundation and the lightness of a powder, and full of a cocktail of plant and mineral trace elements including Pink Opal Powder- a mineral silicon which boosts radiance. It’s easy to tell why this is perfect for winter skin- it isn’t heavy like a foundation and so gives your skin a lightweight, almost bare, look and feel whilst still given you coverage all day long.

Next up, we head to Calvin Klein’s CK beauty range for the essentials: black mascara and red lipstick. Both do exactly what they need to by highlighting the most important features of your face. You’ve already got the perfect complexion, so by adding a dark mascara that evenly spreads your eyelashes, the eyes become the focus of your face. And if you’re feeling a bit more daring, add the red to your lips to give your face a luscious boost of colour. A good tip in cold weather (and by that I mean, with pale skin) with red lipstick is to add a touch of blush to your cheeks so that the red isn’t too harsh against the white of your face. It’ll definitely make you stand out in the grey weather!

Photos and words: Emma Hoareau

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