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Black Milk Society

Australian online fashion label, Black Milk, is taking the world by storm. Famous for their iconic galaxy and comical print leggings and swimsuits, the label has instantly gathered a cult following, which have come to be known as ‘Black Milk sharkies’. James Lillis, the man behind the marvel, started with just a sewing machine and some nylon lining material, which led him to Black Milk, soon making the momentous decision to make the brand an exclusively online fashion label; “Instead of selling to a few girls at the markets, we now have a community of the most amazing girls you could hope for who are passionate about the brand.” Girls all around the world found Black Milk clothing through his blog, now sharing pictures of their proud purchases through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

‘Black Milk sharkies’ are popping up all over the world on Facebook; joining groups that are run by girls who are the ultimate fans, where they can share their passion – some may say addiction – for Black Milk, discuss new design releases and meet up with other sharkies. I really haven’t seen a brand with a cult following like this, Black Milk is in another nylon universe.

Having collaborated with global shoe brand Jeffrey Campbell, and creating limited collections which sell out in a matter of seconds, the label is seen as an up and coming fashion trend, successfully making a name worldwide and setting the bar high for all things nylon. Black Milk are capturing the essence of the street whilst expanding their brand and products with a range that now includes; leggings, swimsuits, bodysuits, dresses, skirts, tops, catsuits, suspenders and shoes, with sharkies wanting to be the first to hear about and buy the latest releases. I have been eager to make my first purchase from the brand for a while now and Christmas might just be the perfect time.

If you take anything away from this article, make sure it’s that Black Milk isn’t just a fashion label; it’s a cult and it’s what’s happening in street fashion right now. If I haven’t managed to convince you that leggings don’t get any better than this, then have a look for yourself at what the fuss is all about at, here.

- Natalie Atterbury

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