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Glasgow Night Life: Rubix

There’s something going on up north, and you all need to know about it. No, not Manchester, not even Newcastle –it’s Glasgow.

The biggest city in Scotland is rapidly becoming the number one destination to fulfil your underground electronic music needs. Gone are the preconceptions of deep fried food and cheap larger, replacing them a city that is alive with culture, diversity, and some top drawer dance music.

The city walls are adorned with posters of all your favourite bass merchants. Nearly every night of the week holds a stellar line up to rival any Fabric offering. A recent weekend saw Levon Vincent, Floating Points, George Fitzgerald and Julio Bashmore all playing across the city. With more heart than London and less swagger than Manchester, Glasgow is slowly but surely becoming the cool kid on the electronic music block.

One particular night that has made waves on the Glasgow scene is Rubix. Born only in March this year, Rubix – run by six students – is the most forward thinking of all the nights up in Glasgow, steadfastly sticking to their mantra of bringing new and exciting artists to the student scene. Set in Sub Club, the most exclusive of all Glasgow’s night-time establishments, Rubix has brought artists such as Eliphino, James Rand, Arkist, Bondax, and most recently Hackman and Pariah.

I had a chat with the guys that run it, to find out a little more…

Tell us how Rubix came to life.
We’ve all got a big passion for electronic music, we figured that we had similar tastes and that we’d like to get involved with the city’s nightlife on a deeper level. We got in touch with our mates who started Rubix down in Newcastle to try and work out if we’d be able to bring the night up to Glasgow. The main motivation was to bring forward thinking acts to Glasgow’s switched on crowd, but on a weeknight when it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Rubix thus far has managed to host a bevvy of well-respected artists, as have other nights in the city. However, do you ever feel Scotland still gets a tad overlooked by the big name acts?
Definitely not, I reckon Glasgow has one of the healthiest electronic music scenes in the UK, if not Europe. The city’s renowned among DJs big and small for having a really receptive crowd and unbelievable venues. Part of it is the 3am closing time for the clubs – because it’s a shorter night out, people really go for it. And then because of that there’s a great after party scene as well. You can go out 6 out of 7 nights in a week and hear decent electronic music.

Rubix is about to host its fourth party in November, with another exciting line-up featuring Joonipah and South London Ordnance.  Operating as a group of six, do you ever have differences in opinion when it comes to booking artists?
Well, we normally decide on our headliner with arm wrestling and there have been a few broken noses. But no, in all seriousness, we do have our different opinions about who we want to book, but when we eventually land on someone it works in our favour as it’s been thought through so much. We all keep each other in check.

Best parties in Glasgow?
Philanthrobeats at Chambre 69: Philanthrobeats, about to throw their fourth party, brings about a whole new dimension to debauchery. Combining great music with a great cause, Philanthrobeats takes charity events to a whole new level. Forget sitting in bathtubs of baked beans, think more great beats – brought to you by home-grown talent.

Tribute at La Cheetah: Glasgow’s own little slice of Detroit resides in La Cheetah, customary sweatbox of choice for Detroit techno and house lovers across the city. Tribute has played host to some of the world’s best DJs, the latest namely being Theo Parrish, Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir and Andrés.

Subrosa at Sub Club: Hosted in the same venue as Rubix, Subrosa is a weekly Wednesday offering, bringing house music to masses consistently. Similarly to Rubix, Subrosa often bringing big name artists to Glasgow, and have just hosted Midland, with other acts such as George Fitzgerald on the horizon.

-Elizabeth Ward

Next Rubix night: 15th November w/ South London Ordnance and Joonipah www.facebook.com/rubixglasgow 

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