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Joe Brummell #52 – Movember Mo’ Gadgets: i-stubble

You can’t have escaped this year’s Movember festivities. In fact, it feels like the biggest Movember yet; with more mos on more bros than ever before. At this stage we’re around two weeks in, meaning that everyone partaking in the challenge should be in dire need of some facial hair grooming. So, if you haven’t tackled your stubble yet then you’re going to need some serious help. For anyone unfamiliar with the sheer amount of work, skill and upkeep involved in a moustache, you might have already learned the hard way that regular razors just won’t cut it. This is a job for the UK’s favourite stubble trimmer: the Babyliss i-stubble.

At the risk of re-enforcing a sexist cliché, men really do love gadgets, and as far grooming gadgets for facial hair go, i-stubble is the best. It features motorised length control which automatically adjusts the comb guide, giving a range of stubble lengths from just 0.4mm. It also has a floating, contouring head which easily tracks the curves of your face for absolute control and precision, meaning you don’t miss out any hairs in those awkward to reach places. The i-stubble also has a digital display and a length-setting memory, which automatically stores and returns to the last selected setting for consistent stubble shaving.

If you’re new to the world of moustaches and facial hair grooming then there are a few things you need to know. The look of your moustache will depend entirely on the colour and density of your own particular facial hair, i-stubble’s precision will make it easy to find a length that’s right for you. The moustache style you choose should be sympathetic to your own face. Everyone’s facial hair grows in its own specific pattern so some styles simply won’t be possible; for example the ‘handlebar’ doesn’t necessarily suit everyone. Nor is it as funny in real life as it is in your head. Happy Movember!

- Warren Beckett

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