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DJ Qbert

Sennheiser Interview DJs in Day & Night Series

Sennheiser are adertising their new series of headphones in a clever way: by showing us how much people that know the gear like their product.  They’re doing this via their new series Day & Night, video interviews with top DJs that attempt to illuminate their lives and inspirations.  At the same time, they’re showing off their impressive new series of Hi-Fi headphones, Amperior, which are like the high-quality HD 25s that profesional DJs wear.  The Amperiors, though, are meant to transport the club experience into the day (get it? Day & Night?) for mobile use.

The first entry features DJ QBert, who’s been winning awards for decades and been featured in documentaries that have premiered everywhere from Sundance to Cannes Film Festival.  Immediately we get an interesting look into the popular DJ; he doesn’t have an everyday persona of kinetic madman to match his stage presence, but rather he’s a fairly calm, cool, and level-headed guy.  That’s what makes these interviews more than just clever plugs: they actually ask interesting questions and give us interesting answers.

The lineup for the rest of Sennheiser’s videos is likely to interest anyone keen on the DJ scene, with the likes of DJ Nucleo, DJ Sonar, and DJ Fly gearing up to share similar insights into their personal and professional lives.  To keep up with these interviews, you can head over to the Sennheiser Youtube page and subscribe.

-Alex Gladwin

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