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Introducing Our BOTW: LCMDF

LCMDF, formerly more well known as Le Corps Mince de Françoise, are sisters Emma and Mia. They were the very first Finnish band to go on the NME tour back in 2009, when the Kitsuné style of electro-pop was all da rage. Now LCMDF have gone through a sort of cyber rebirth, using artwork and visuals recalling the birth of the internet through pastiches of digital graphics and .gifs, that are all very clear to see on their website… it’s all very Molly Soda.

But we like it. The concept for the first release of their Mental Health EP Trilogy introduces their struggle with the miiiiiiind and thoughts and reflection etc., which they’re all a bit vague about in our interview that will be published later this week. One thing that we’re sure of is that both the girls and their music is cool, if a bit loopy.

Stay tuned this week for an exclusive online shoot we did with Emma and Mia, along with other things like videos and free downloads.

-Bronya Francis

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