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BOTW Video: LCMDF – Paranoia

Our BOTW, LCMDF, have just released their new video for ‘Paranoia’. As well as the track being a flipping awesome modern guitar pop anthem (you’ll be singing “PARANOIA! Give me a break!” by the second verse, guaranteed), we’ve found that the video itself includes some super modern and current #trends. Here’s what we’ve observed:

  1. Use of classy coffee machine. Soya piccolo, anyone?
  2. White shiny backdrop, HD video vibes, 3D graphics, general Asian motifs. K-pop, anyone?
  3. Phallic ice cream / hot dogs. Fast food is SEXY!
  4. Nail varnish. Dalston nail bar, anyone?
  5. Use of iPad. Tech is cool!
  6. Nose chains + white hair + rosary beads + camo + grillz = street style.
  7. Lone greyhound. Did anyone see that DPS in The Times lately about rescued dogs and their owners? No? Just me?

All this information accumulates in a GOOD VIDEO. Watch ‘Paranoia’ below.

-Bronya Francis

P.S. The header image is a preview of our exclusive shoot we did with the girls, which will be premiered in full on Friday.

Photographer: Gavin Mecaniques

Stylist: Tegan Christmas

Make Up Artist: Jade Sawyer

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