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Analog Clothing Team Up With Michael Halsband

Look out this autumn/winter and next spring/summer for a collaboration that pushes every creative boundary. As part of the Analog Permanent Light Archive project (an exclusive series designed to showcase photographic artwork), Analog Clothing have teamed up with legendary photographer Michael Halsband to create four iconic print t-shirts. Each t-shirt print exhibits a different aspect of Halsband’s breath-taking photography; the prints range from Halsband’s innovative concert photography whilst others showcase his awe-inspiring still life work. What’s so brilliant about this particular collection of print t-shirts, therefore, is that each print is so different; the concert photography highlights energy and high spirits whilst Halsband’s still work represents a more melancholy mood. No one can deny that Analog Clothing and Michael Halsband is a match made in t-shirt heaven!


Amy Barlow

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