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Barrio East

Barrio East to Open in Shoreditch

Barrio North in Islington and Barrio Central in SOHO have proven to be big hits.  With a Latin American taste that permeats the atmosphere, food, and drinks, people seem attracted to that taste of the exotic in this diverse little city we have here.  Building on this success, Barrio East has opened in Shoreditch to offer this fun locale to more people.

But this isn’t just copying and pasting one of the other bars into a new location.  Barrio East has a pretty cool setup that is broken into three sections: Downtown, Uptown, and Timber Yard.  Downtown will have the most similar feel to the other two established bars, with an open atmosphere.  Uptown will be more discreet yet elegant, and more appealing to those wanting to book private functions.  Timber Yard is a kind of lunch, chill-and-use-WiFi spot that’ll also be available for private functions.

To celebrate the new opening, all of the Barrios are also getting a drink renovation.  These’ll include “Remixes,” “Greatest Hits,” and “New Releases.” The drinks, many made with top-notch rum and tequila, will be named after appropriate song titles.

Between all that and food ranging from Mexico to Argentina, it appears Barrio will have another hot-spot.

Alex Gladwin

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