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BOTW Interview: LCMDF – Part Two

New Music Ed (Bronya) talked to LCMDF about Berlin, setting up their own label, the cyber world, self-help, and K-pop.

What inspires you lyrically apart from other music?
I’ve been reading a lot of self-help books and I’ve been to this life coaching experience, and Mental Health is about a year going through life coaching. I’ve also been researching Eastern philosophies, and psychology. I read a lot of self-help books, by people like Rick Carson.

Mental Health is really about that world of the troubled, middle-class girl living in Berlin, going to self-help and trying to find some answers. I think there are so many hipsters in the world like me that all have the same nonsense trouble. This is just one way you go; you can turn to irony, or you can turn to yoga, or to self-help and go crazy about that. Instead of hating, we want to look at things in a good sense and to turn everything into a positive. Modern, middle-class problems are very interesting, trying to look at these nonsense problems in a Buddhist way. That’s really what the lyrics are about.

To have some perspective.
Yeah, I feel like there’s a lot of people, and a lot of young people, on the internet right now that feel like they don’t get a lot out of life. They get frustrated on Facebook or Tumblr or whatever, and they put out a lot of hate and negativity.

I don’t know, I feel like self-help books are a diluted version of original philosophy. I’d much prefer to read a straight, philosophical book than something by some guy who’s maybe trying to earn loads of money.
That’s also a sell-out thing, a twisted thing. Some authors wrtie in a way so that everyone understands it in order to get the biggest audience and sell the most books.

Do you have totally separate roles? Like, does one of you play certain instruments or does one of you stick to production and so on?
We have really strict roles – we’re like yin and yang. [Mia does] a lot of pre-production, and all the guitars. On stage, it becomes even clearer what it is – we’re very difficult, like sisters.

What new music could you recommend that you’ve heard this year? Are there any good new bands that you’re into?
There’s this one awesome music video that is in 3D and the song is called ‘Puke My Brains Out’. I don’t know what the artist is called [FYI it’s by Wallpaper and you can watch the video here – ed], but that’s like the most amazing, graphic shit I’ve ever seen, ever.

We’re big fans of Grimes and Robyn – all of the female artists who do music with a twist. And Unicorn Kid – he’s cool, he’s our friend.

I feel like Korean music is gonna be big – that’s what we’ve been listening to a lot. Somehow, we want to jump on that scene now with our band.

There’s a Korean band [EXO], made up of six people and three of them are the Korean portion of it [EXO-K], and three of them are Chinese [EXO-M]; they do exactly the same campaign with the exact same song in different languages. The budget must be crazy because there’s such a big market. People buy physical copies of music, the merchandise, everything. We started listening to some K-Pop a couple of years ago; we got introduced to it by a friend who  writes for K-Pop artists, and Emma just got a song pitched for the Korean market.

And then there’s Psy.
But that take on K-Pop has to be funny or weird, because then it doesn’t break through to the Western market. All the other bands are really serious, but this Psy guy is just making fun of a group of rich people. It is really well done, though.

It’s sort of diluted K-Pop.
The LMFAO of K-Pop. The US market in particular needs more stuff from Asia, something different.

What are your ultimate goals as a band?
To break through into the Korean market! How about starring in a video made in a K-Pop studio in Korea by a Korean artist?

We’re just making label – doing that is something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and now we’re doing it.

-Bronya Francis

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