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Of All the Skulls

The skull and crossbones seems to be the new emblem taking over fashion and home wares for
Autumn and Winter. If you haven’t yet come across it then you must be taking this hibernation
mode to the extreme as skulls are literally everywhere. Once a famous symbol for pirate ships and
then a warning symbol for poisonous substances, it’s fascinating how this figure escalated into such
a hype and became such a popular image to use within the creative industries. The great thing about
this trend is that it covers something for everyone, from subtle jewellery pieces to overt clothing
and art designs, so there is no excuse to not add a little or a lot of this trend into your life.

Lazy Oaf, a London based fashion label, is just one of the many brands using the skull emblem
within their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, used in more of a comical, fun and bright way.
Founded by Gemma Shiel, the designer in 2001, the Lazy Oaf philosophy is not trend driven but
focused on a unique directional vision, referencing street wear and youth nostalgia – nothing but
quirkiness is expected when it comes to this brand.
The Lazy Oaf website is packed with colourful, humorous and, to be honest, quite odd yet
wonderfully weird and intriguing pieces. So whether you’re into this skull hype or not – Lazy Oaf
are definitely worth checking out, as having recently launched their Christmas collection, there are
endless items to add to that wish list.
Images: Lazy Oaf Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.
Words: Natalie Atterbury

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