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If you’re stuck for wardrobe inspiration this autumn/winter, have a sneak peak at the new collection from the audacious t-shirt brand WAFFLESNCREAM. Moving away from its previous collection which focused very much on making a statement by using a mixture of leopard, houndstooth and zebra prints, the brand has gone for a more toned down look. This season, WAFFLESNCREAM is concentrating rather on the style of the t-shirts, which range from the ‘1869’ tee, to the football tee and to the baseball tee. Nevertheless with its distinctive logo stamped across a majority of the t-shirts, WAFFLESNCREAM is still bound to catch your eye. The brand has also introduced a range of jumpers as well as the epitome of the collection the ‘Crack is Wack’ jacket all guaranteed to keep you warm on those cold winter days. Undeniably then, WAFFLESNCREAM is one collection you won’t miss this season!


Amy Barlow


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