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New Track: Chad Valley’s Remix of “Warrior” by Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts has been a huge blip on Planet Notion’s electro-pop radar for a while now.  Her latest track “Warrior” lives up to what we’ve loved about her so far: infectiously catchy beats and great lyrics + melody.

Now we have a really solid remix by Chad Valley, who’s a good electro-pop artist in his own right.  The single that’ll have this remix will be out December 2nd, but you can listen here.

The biggest success of this remix is that it’s not like a typical remix at all; instead of just emphasizing the background beats and adding some wobbly effects, Valley lets the song air out a bit.  He highlights the open, thoughtful atmosphere of the original while also leaving a distinct, pleasant stamp of his own.  The melody and lyrics aren’t lost, which is good because they’re fantastic.  Valley understands the essence of the song and both respects the original and makes it his own.

Check out the original below:

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Alex Gladwin

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