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Get People - BTD

New Track: Get People – “Back to Dust (Ghosting Season Remix)”

Get People  who did the Harmonize EP recently and garnered a fair bit of praise, just released a single, “Back to Dust.”  Luv Luv Luv Records put it out it on the 19th of November on vinyl and for download, and on that single is a remix by the group Ghosting Season.

The original track has a delightfully earthy/electronic mood to it, combining the two seeming contradictions into an atmospheric delight.  But Ghosting Season have unlocked something even more, emphasizing the rhythm and backing beat to create a sound that is even more immersive.  While the original plays like a strange story, or picture of our world that’s been changed just slightly, Ghosting Season’s version is more like a hologram that you can walk around in.  Although some of the lyrical quality is lost, the effect is still powerful.

This is an interesting remix that doesn’t detract from the original, which you can check out below, but enhances its themes.

Credit for the photo at the top to Sid Difford.


Alex Gladwin

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