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A Celebration of “Bodily Functions”

Matthew Herbert released “Bodily Functions” in 2001 and combined all of his ambitions as a house musician into one massively ambitious album. With sounds of teeth clacking and various other bodily noises, Hebert’s tracks hit some kind of strange euphoria that make it a classic.

In celebration of this classic album and in anticipation of the Herbert Complete” box set on March 4th of next year, Herbert’s Accidental Records are releasing a two disc special reissue of “Bodily Functions.”  Besides the original hits from the album like “The Audience,” “Foreign Bodies,” and “Leave Me Now,” this release will also feature remixes by the likes of Matmos, Perry Farrell, Mr. Oizo, and several others.

Along with the reissue, Accidental will also release a 12″ of new Herbert goodies and tracks from the original album. Highlights include DJ Koze‘s jazz reworking of “You Saw It All,” Dave Aju‘s reworking of “Foreign Bodies,” and  Mr. Oizo’s remix of “Back to the Start.”  The 12″ and reissue will be released on the 17th of December.

Check out Herbert’s original “Leave Me Now” and the Aju remix of “Foreign Bodies” below.

Alex Gladwin

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