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New Track: Rudimental (feat. Angel Haze) – “Hell Could Freeze”

Hackney group Rudimental has a knack for electronica mixes, and they’ve just combined that with a taste for R&B and pulsating hip hop in their new track “Hell Could Freeze” with American rapper Angel Haze.

Rudimental’s main job, which they perform flawlessly here, is setting up the perfect backing beat and framework for Angel Haze’s verses and chorus.  They do a damn good job, too, because their music gives the uptempo rap the proper structure to make it flow.  The electronica stylings enhance the confident-with-a-hint-of-angst lyrics.  But while the backdrop deserves a whole lot of praise, it’s the subject of this piece that really makes it work.  Haze is brilliant here, reminding us of what everyone loved when Nikki Minaj trampled the competition in Kanye West’s track “Monster“.

But on top of the brilliant verses, Haze also sings the chorus as though she were in a moodily lighted jazz club.  It both contrasts and enhances the rest of the track, providing a necessary break from the quick-paced rapping while amping us up for the next verse.

This track is gorgeous, exciting, and, even more excitingly, free to grab on Soundcloud and the Rudimental website.  Stream it below and then grab it, because this is a song that’s gonna bear repeating for a while.


Alex Gladwin

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