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Peter Jensen & Magasin du Nord’s 2013 Award

Danish fashion salon Magasin du Nord will turn 100 in 2013, and while that’s impressive in and of itself, what they’re doing to celebrate is even cooler.  For their 2013 award, which the Magasin du Nord Foundation states “is given to a talented fashion designer who possess a refined sense of fashion’s development, is a creative talent and masters his or her work to their fingertips,” they have chosen to attach a 500,000 kr. (almost £50,000) prize.

Not a bad award, no?

The winner’s already been selected, and it’s none other than Peter Jensen, Danish-born and now London-based designer. Known for high-quality (and colorful) works, this award is likely to give the creative designer even more agency to produce more solid products.  We’ll be getting a taste of what’s to come at Copenhagen fashion week in January, where Jensen will show off his upcoming AW collection.

Alex Gladwin

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