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BEAUTIFY: It’s time to talk about Stockings

I’m afraid the time is here. Christmas. And whether you like it or not, and no matter how many times you say ‘but it’s not Christmas/December/winter yet’, the time has arrived and you’d better damn well pay attention.

And what’s the first thing we all think of when we think of Christmas? No, not the Coca Cola advert, but Santa Claus! Of course! What will we ask him for when we send him our tweets of present ideas on December 1st? (which, by the way, is this Saturday).

Stockings need to be filled, and you’d better know what with. I did my Elf research and I’ve found you the perfect bunch of things to make stocking overflow. Today, we’re taking a look at Elemis’ mini Time-to-Spa collection. Coming in packages of two- and at only £9 per package- these are a luxurious pick-me-up for a relaxing Christmas Eve or a wind-me-down Boxing Day.

The bath and body duo’s make the ideal stocking filler for the festive season. So turn that frown upside down, deal with the fact it’s Christmas, and go and get yourself something to look forward to.

More Stocking ideas to follow in the next few weeks!


Header photo and words- Emma Hoareau



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